Try Outs

Try Outs for TNT Softball Club Dates
Monday July 17, 2023 6:30 pm
Wednesday July 19, 6:30 pm
Telford Municipal Park 2685 County Line Road Telford, PA
(park in Landis Market parking lot)

(Please Make Note) Confidential & Private Try-Outs available NOW! Simply call or text the TNT Office at 610.731.5877

Open Try Outs any time in December Simply call office 610.731.5877

In Our State of the Art “Indoor Facility” Apex Training Center 3030 Unionville Pike, Hatfield Pa

TNT has openings for girls with a passion for the game who want to: work hard, learn the game, improve their skills, possibly play in college and have some fun while doing it.

TNT has a long established relationship (over 20 years) with some great universities across the USA, and has 9 former TNT girls coaching in college.

TNT is in the best showcases and on the MAIN FIELDS including: Great American Showcase, Pennsbury Invitational, Atlanta Legacy, and we host our own, which gets over 200 college coaches.

For a private confidential try-out call or text us at TNT at 610.731.5877 or email us at, please include your cell and a little bit about your daughter, Thank you.

TNT Softball Club boasts more Regional Championship Titles than any other organization in tri-state area. The TNT Organization consistently places its players at the highest level Collegiality. We take great pride in continuing this long standing tradition of College Recruiting success for our players and the nationally recognized TNT tradition of Winning!

We strive to teach every player in the TNT Nation how to win on, and off, the playing field. It is our goal to create winners for life! All TNT Coaches are vetted based on their record of success in helping their players to grow and achieve as an Athlete and as an Individual. Winning on the playing field is only one part of the equation we look for in our Coaching Staff. All TNT Coaches understand the importance of Academics, Community, Family, Faith, Respect and Personal Growth as it relates to their individual players and to their TEAM.


  1. Can my daughter play another sport? Yes, we actually encourage young players to play another sport. However on our top 18U National Team, (mostly committed) we strongly suggest to concentrate. Again on our younger teams YES
  2. How much does it cost? Depends on the team. Some teams do a local schedule and are only in the $900 to $1800 range. While our Nationals Teams are more simply because they travel the nation.
  3. Are there Fundraisers? Yes, but that is team by team
  4. Is training with top coaches and the college coaches that are brought in, included? YES
  5. Where do you practice? See facilities link

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