About Us

About TNT Softball Club

TNT Softball Club provides girls ages 9 – 18 the opportunity to play and excel at the game of fastpitch softball in a safe, rewarding and fun environment. Since our inception, over 19 years ago, the organization has become known for its consistent success at all levels of play, competitive spirit, and a deep commitment to the advancement of girls fastpitch. Many organizations have come and gone, but it’s TNT that has weathered the test of time.


TNT’s guiding philosophy is ‘Once a TNT Girl, always a TNT Girl’. Whether you’re here for one season or your entire youth career we expect to make our mark in your development that will always keep you thinking about the ‘Black and Cardinal’. Our commitment to teaching the fundamentals, striving for excellence in everything we do, and being part of something bigger than the individual player all contributes to the experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

The teams are broken down into two distinct categories. The first groups, the 10u, 12u, 14u levels, are focused on learning the game, fundamentals, discipline, team chemistry, and having fun. As a general rule we want players to stay with their teams, focusing on the overall team experience. We feel at these ages that team cohesiveness enhances the learning experience and leads to team longevity. Tournament play is concentrated in the Tri-State region of PA, NJ, DE, MD (See Team Guidelines and Expectations).

The second group, the 16u, 18u and 18u Gold programs, have the goal of developing teams to compete at the national level in order to showcase the individual athlete. Focus on individual development and fine-tuning the athlete’s skill-set for collegiate play is at the forefront. Tournament play is focused on College Exposure, national, and regional events.

We understand that not everything always runs according to plans. It’s important that we are flexible and accommodating to the goals and aspirations of our players. In the absence of clear direction we always seek a solution that puts the girls interest first.

The TNT Softball Club is committed to this philosophy and will strive to fulfill its expectations to the best our ability.

Mission Statement

The TNT Softball Club is a family of players, parents, volunteers, teams, coaches, and board members all working towards the goal of being the premier girls fastpitch organization in the State of Pennsylvania and to compete at the national level with other premier girls fastpitch organizations.

The TNT Softball Club is successful in fulfilling its mission by:

  • Providing an environment to learn the game of Fastpitch Softball that is safe, rewarding, and positive. An environment where girls are encouraged to challenge both their physical and mental acuity, and become better than they ever imagined.
  • Playing at the highest level, against the best competition, winning, and most of all, having fun.
  • Providing highly trained coaching staffs that aspire to provide their team members with the tools and training to develop outstanding softball skills and an appreciation of sportsmanship – win or lose.
  • Providing a top training facility with access to the best instructors and equipment. A facility that demonstrates our pride and commitment to the players.
  • Providing the girls with a clearly defined path to play at the collegiate level taking into consideration both softball and academics.
  • Instill an understanding that fastpitch is only a game and is the forum we use to help our athletes mature into responsible adults.
  • Being thankful for the opportunities we are given by participating and sponsoring community charity events.
  • This Mission requires hard work, discipline, and dedication. We accept these terms and look forward to the results it will bring our players.